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Rohu Fish Steaks

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Rava is one of the most commonly consumed fish in the country. It’s renowned for its soft and tender texture and fine taste. It’s rich in Vitamin C along with other minerals like proteins, amino acids, Vitamin A, Vitamin D and Zinc. You can grill the fish or make Bengali curry using mustard paste, onion seeds and lemon juice.

Per 100g- Calories-262, Total Fat – 15g, Saturated – 4g, Cholestrol-96mg, Sodium – 68mg, pottasium- 573mg, Total carbs-14g, Dietary fiber-0g, Sugars-0g, protien-29g, Vitamin A 562%, Vitamin C 5%, Calcium 32%, Iron 1%


Recipes for your fish

Rava Fish Fry

Cooking Time: 30 Mins
Marinate the fish slices gently with the marination ingredients. Place aside for 5 mins. Combine all the spice powder and ginger-garlic paste into a mixing bowl. Mix all...
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