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Mutton Boneless (Lamb)

Net wt: 0.5kg Pieces: 0.5

Bonless mutton is one of the best meats as it can be used to make multiple dishes like Shammi kebab, tikka, seekh kebab and more. We assure you farm fresh, juicy and tender Sheep meat. We suggest cooking on low temperature for long hours to ensure that the mutton leaves it’s rich flavor to the meal.

Per 100g- Calories-270, Total Fat – 15g, Saturated – 8g, Cholestrol-84mg, Sodium – 195mg, pottasium- 698mg, Total carbs-13g, Dietary fiber-5g, Sugars-1g, protien-23g, Vitamin A 144%, Vitamin C 24%, Calcium 19%, Iron 23%


Recipes for your mutton

Basic Lamb Curry

Cooking Time: 30 Mins
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