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Chicken Leg with Thigh with Skin

Net wt: 0.5kg Pieces: 0.5

Chicken leg with thigh have a unique flavor and authenticity, compared to the other parts of the bird, it is easy to cook, and also rich in nutrients. These can be braised, roasted, grilled or fried, and also can be done chicken tandoori, biryani or BBQ drumsticks. The one who loves to eat their meat by the bone, this serves the best.

Per 100g- -199, Total Fat – 9g, Saturated – 3g, Cholestrol-160mg, Sodium – 120mg, pottasium- 300mg, Total carbs-0g, Dietary fiber-0g, Sugars-0g, protien-30g, Vitamin A – 1%, Calcium 2%, , Iron 11%

Per 100gr Values
Calories 199
Fat 9 gr




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