Mutton Curry Cut (Goat) (5kgs) Rs. 550/- Per Kg

Net wt: 5kg Pieces: 5

Mutton is one of the favorite meats of many Indians, there are very few Mutton varieties, and the most popular product preferred by Indians is Mutton curry cut. For an extreme flavorsome we recommend you to cook the mutton in low heat, as it helps in retaining the moisture. Mutton curry cut can be used to make dishes like Indian curry, delectable biryani, mutton 65, korma etc.

Per 100g- Calories-160, Total Fat – 9g, Saturated – 0g, Cholestrol-38mg, Sodium – 329mg, pottasium- 394mg, Total carbs-9g, Dietary fiber-1g, Sugars-0g, protien-12g, Vitamin A 16%, Vitamin C 15%, Calcium 0%, Iron 17%


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