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  • Chicken Cajun spice
    Chicken Cajun spice is a ready to cook item without marinating. This f...
    Net wt: 0.250kg
  • Chicken chermoula
    Chermoula Chicken is roasted chicken breasts and/or thighs smothered i...
    Net wt: 0.250kg
    199.00 149.00
  • Combo 1 (Chicken + Prawns)
    Chicken Fry Cut 500Grams and Prawns Small/Medium Peeled 500Grams, This...
    Net wt: 1kg
    560.00 450.00
  • Combo 2 (Keema + Prawns)
    Mutton Keema 500grams and Prawns Small/Medium Peeled 250grams. This Co...
    Net wt: 0.750kg
    825.00 660.00
  • Combo 3 (Chicken + Fish)
    Chicken Curry Cut 500grams and 2 Pieces of Rohu Steaks. This combo is ...
    Net wt: 0.650kg
    300.00 200.00
  • Combo 4 (Chicken+Mutton+Prawns)
    Chicken Fry cut 500grams,Mutton Fry Cut 250grams,Prawns Small/Medium P...
    Net wt: 1kg
    585.00 500.00
  • Ghost Chilli
    Ghost chilli Chicken is Marinated with the Spiciest Chillis in the Wor...
    Net wt: 0.250kg
  • Tandoori Fish
    Tandoori fish is extremely popular all over the world because of its l...
    Net wt: 0.250kg
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